Ƭнє OяιgιηαƖ Oηє
"For I gave life to thee, bow down and praise Mine name.

I am Arceus, the Alpha and Omega, the
Beginning and the End."

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Anonymous inquired: Kisses Archeus then runs away.


old maaan

"I would appreciate if no one called me an "old man". That subject is very touchy, and I don’t wish to discuss it."


         ”…All those shining stars at night are the stones I’ll never get to know.”

                            ✦ rse (emerald gameverse) steven stone.
                            ✦ no remake. very oc friendly. pls read rules.
                            ✦ what a fucking nerd. I’m so embarrassed
                            ✦ rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks

                      ╔═════════════ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ════════════╗
                      ·.·★…·♡ follow 4 more god-awful geology puns ♡·.·★
                      ╚═════════════ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ════════════╝  

                               ;i.             ;ii.            ;iii.             ;iv.            ;v. 

aero-and-aerith inquired: ya know old man... if youd like i can beat that anon up for you...

"T-they aren’t bothering me at all….But I’d appreciate if you didn’t call me "old man". As I said, it’s a touchy subject.

You can call me Arceus, or by my name, Oyeatia.”

Anonymous inquired: you and mew sure are close. are you married? did you guys had sex to create the world?






image  ƤƖƇƬƲƦЄ

image  SṖŔĪƬƐS


Anonymous inquired: GOD LLAMA!!