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"For I gave life to thee, bow down and praise Mine name.

I am Arceus, the Alpha and Omega, the
Beginning and the End."

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The child quickly clung again to his father’s clothes while burying his tiny face away as well in there. The child stopped crying but sniffled, muffling some words that weren’t comprehensive at all. Who wouldn’t enjoy hugging his parent? Giratina wasn’t going to leave now at all, at least not yet.

[ ♛ - Maybe he was just scared, He thought. It seemed that Giratina only felt safe when he was with his father, so Arceus kept holding him, leaving the book for later.

Once He wiped Giratina’s face, Arceus lifted the baby and placed a kiss on his small mouth.]

[ ♛ - In an amazing speed, Arceus threw the book to His side and picked up baby Giratina. He was honestly confused about why he was crying, if he didn’t fell or anything.]

"What’s wrong?"

[ ♛ - With a tone as smooth as silk, Arceus asked, unsure if He was going to get an answer.]

[ ♛ - Arceus was honestly surprised that Giratina chose to be with Him rather than exploring the uncharted corners of the couch, but if it’s what he wants…..

After stretching His arm a bit, He took a book that was on the glass table in the middle of the couches and started to read it. What kinds of mess a baby that small could make?]

This even made him slightly sleepy, the child cuddled close to his father by nuzzling that tiny face against Arceus’ large chest. Giratina couldn’t help but release a soft mewl of pleasant satisfaction due to the love he’s receiving.

[ ♛ - Still holding Giratina, He heads towards one of the couches so both can be comfortable. Once He sits down, He lets His son go to do whatever he wants on the comfy pillows on the couch.]


when ur in a bad mood but dont want to worry your friends



→ When he was picked up, the child squirmed a little uncomfortably but when Giratina was hugged, he ceased and calmed down a little with the tears. It felt nice to be hugged, and he instantly recognized the scent as well. 

[ ♛ - Glad that the child calmed down, Arceus held him even closer, next to His heart. Eventually, He started rubbing His nose against Giratina’s forehead, a unique way of Arceus to demonstrate affection.]

Anonymous inquired: warning: sexy hot ass god here