Ƭнє OяιgιηαƖ Oηє
"For I gave life to thee, bow down and praise Mine name.

I am Arceus, the Alpha and Omega, the
Beginning and the End."

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"I know… Spear Pillar is one of Sinnoh’s most famous landmarks… me and Ukeire have only been here once before we moved to Kalos… I’ve always wanted to come back to see it once more… luckily you came with me… thanks Axel."

The lucario said, the Delphox smiled warmly

"Of course Taiyou."

The stood, but Axel felt a heavy pressure

"Taiyou… do you feel that?"

"Feel what?"

Taiyou asked, the two looked around

[♛ - A few footsteps could be heard, climbing down a huge stairway. The sounds resembled those of someone wearing high heels, and then, there it was.

A rather peculiar man could be seen. Very tall, white as snow, and a pair of pointy ears, that often moved around like antennas.

He observed the trainer and the Pokémon, quietly..]





watch me get 0 questions


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Plsss?? Again

"Arceus no"


A Delphox and a Lucario walk side by side, through the land of Sinnoh, exploring the ruins of Spear Pillar, it was dead silent, a pen could be heard if it were dropped.

"So, Axel? What do you think?"

The Lucario asked the Delphox

"It’s… ominous…"

The Delphox said, something in the atmosphere felt very very powerful.

[♛- From a platform above the frigid mountain and the ruins, a powerful being watched over the group.

However, His intentions weren’t bad.

The deity decided to climb down and greet the newcomers..]


H́͢͡͏͢A͠I̛͡L̶͘̕ ̀͜͝G̀I̕͜R̢̨͘A̵͜T̸͢͡I̷̢̢͢͡Ń̡͢A̷͢͡

whenthingsfall inquired: "I feel like... I've seen you before. Maybe even heard of." (Could we do Pokemon RP? I mean if it's ok?)


"Naturally. My existence is taught for children since they are Young, so I am known by the whole world."





                                                   ◤ ☼ ◥

                         “ You’re not from here so who are you? 

[♛- Who was that mysterious child? The man in white observed him for a while, before answering the question.]

"….I am not someone you will meet everyday."